Conrad from Ontario, Canada

Goldwing Renter, Conrad from Canada

Once again, I wish to thank you for your part in making my winter respite from our Canadian winter a most pleasurable experience. I’ve returned home to Ontario, Canada none the worse for wear and I have some really wonderful memories of my trip.

One of the highlights was meeting you and renting a V-Star 1100 from you for my ride up the west coast. I have been singing your praises since my ride, at every opportunity. To find someone in business whose MO is customer service first these days is somewhat like striking gold and an example that other businesses should surely follow.
Let me say, unequivocally to any prospective motorcycle renter: You’ll not likely find a better place to rent than Bikers West and you are simply not going to find a nicer person to deal with than Mike.
– Conrad Hof, Ontario, Canada